Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scrapbook of Shadows

Like many Pagans, I have always liked the idea of having a Book of Shadows but I have never been able to settle on a way of collecting information that I liked. Even though I am a major techno rat, collecting and storing info on the computer just didn't seem right. I tried using a three ring binder and that just didn't seem right either. I liked the idea of hand writing everything but I could never find a book that I liked to place this info in.

I had started scrapbooking several years ago and I had thought about using this method to create a Book of Shadows but I wasn't sure how I would like it and I had not seen examples of other BOS's using this method. Recently I saw a blog post by Mrs. B on Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom where she had created a Book of Seasons in a scrapbook. When I saw the pictures, I absolutely loved it! I thought, I have all this scrapbook stuff so why not use it?

Despite the elaborate pictures you see in magazine and online, scrapbooking can actually be very simple. I learned how to scrapbook from Creative Memories and I still hold with their philosophy of keeping things simple so you can focus on the subject and not on all the stuff around it. I have started to adapt some of the other scrapbooking techniques that are out there but I don't want the pages to become too cluttered.

I created a cover page for each holiday. Behind each page I am adding information about that holiday, poems, recipes, chants, etc. Whatever seems appropriate. Obviously this page is for Halloween.

The page on the left is about Ancestral Altars. I left the space at the bottom open so I can add a picture later of our altar. As you can see, the pages are pretty simple but I think they still look nice.There are some details on the Jack-o-Lantern page that you can't see well. These are just some swirls and spirals that I hand drew in.

I have to admit, these are two of my favorite pages so far. These are a couple of recipes that I wanted to include. As I come across more information or I think of new things I want to add, I hope to add more pages. This book is 8 1/2 by 11. I decided to go with a standard book size because it is easier to hold but one of the drawbacks is you don't have as much room per page. Most scrapbooks are 12x12 so you can place more information on each page. I had thought about adding additional sections to this one but I may get a 12x12 book for additional info and keep this one just for info about the sabbats.

I want to create a book with the natural remedies I have collected as well as info about various herbs. I might also put into this book the various recipes I have found for replacing the chemicals that we use in our homes. This will likely be a separate scrapbook from whatever I put together with more magical and spiritual information.

You can find all sorts of scrapbook papers and stickers and craft stores or if you have limited access to these stores you can order stuff from online. I'm hoping to put together a crop day for Pagans who like to scrapbook. I think it would be a lot of fun and a great way to network. I hope some of you like this idea and will give it a try for your own Book of Shadows.


  1. I have also started a scrapbook of shadows. I was a CM rep. several years ago and I also like the philosophy of getting the info first, decor second. For my book, I made my own covers and use the chicago screws for putting it together.

  2. I'm not sure I'm crafty enough to make my own covers but that sounds really cool! I would love to see pics of what you have done. For those of us who can't draw, I think scrapbooking is the next best thing.