Monday, May 28, 2012

Antique finds

The older I get, the more I like old things. I have always liked old houses and the charm that often comes with them. Many people like older homes for the same reason. The little nooks and crannies that have served countless functions and the warmth of wood floors and old banisters. Since I have become a homesteader and prepper, I have found a new respect for things that are a little less modern and can still be useful.

Recently we went to an antique store that I wanted to check out. The cool thing about antique stores is you never know what you will find. Although we found several things to put on the wish list, we settled on two objects that were once used daily and we plan on putting to use again.

The first is an ice pick. We often buy bags of ice to keep in the freezer or if we are filling ice trays we will dump them in a bowl for ease of use. Of course when you do this the ice can and will melt together. A knife will serve the same purpose to chip the ice apart but my husband wanted an ice pick and they are just cool.

My personal pick was a mixer. It's simple and still works. I had wanted to buy a new one before we moved here but never got around to it. And yes, they do still make them. This one is in really good condition and except for a little wear on the handle looks brand new. I wanted a manual mixer mainly as a preparation item. Of course as we try to change how we live and hopefully get to a point where we aren't using as much electricity, it could come in quite handy.

We tried it out and it worked really well. Of course the kids thought it was cool because it was a novelty. They both gave it a try and liked it though. Often we think we have to go out and buy new stuff even when it's based on old designs. Sometimes we just have to remember that the old stuff is out there waiting on us to find it. 

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