Monday, July 11, 2011

TPH-Episode 27

Welcome back Homesteaders! Have you melted yet? We're doing our best not to but the heat is taking a toll on the garden. In today's show we will be discussing the element of Fire and we cover Tennessee Fainting Goats in the Ancestral Animals segment. To start with though, I touch on the issues with the debt ceiling and rant on for a bit about gardens in the front yard.

Grow veggies = Go to jail

Wood Cook stoves

Masonry Heaters

Rocket Stoves

Ancestral Animals

International Fainting Goat Association John Savage 1039 State Route 168 Darlington, PA  16115  USA Office phone: 724-843-2084 Office fax: 724-891-1440 Office email:

Myotonic Goat Registry Tara Lawrence 3174 Valley Ford Road Adger, AL  35006  USA Office phone: 205-425-5954 Cell: 205-451-9442 Office email:

Permaculture: A Designers Manual by Bill Mollison

Earthbag Building by Kai Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer  ISBN 978-0-86571-507-3

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