Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TPH-Episode 2

In this episode I share a present we got for my oldest for his birthday since he is showing more interest in spell work and I share my thoughts on simple living. There is also a book review of the “All New Square Foot Gardening” book by Mel Bartholomew and the Gardening by the Moon segment. 



  1. I listened to the new podcast... did you ask how much it would be for them to just put in the pump if you bought it? and if you bought the rest? Silver and I are doing everything ourselves as he's had experience building homes... and we could tell you what kind of pump and tank based on how deep the well is dug, as well as family size; sometimes companies overcharge for the items you need.

  2. We didn't think about checking on that at the time but did discuss that option later. Our well is about 220 feet and we think we'd need about a 1 hp pump. We are a family of four so I'm sure we'd need a decent sized tank. I figure we will have to go at least a few more months before we could even start to buy the items individually. My hubby has construction experience also which is going to come in handy when we start to build. What size tank do you think we'd need?

  3. Silver says at least a 40-50 gallon tank for that size family... I'd go with the 1 horse pump too... if our pump is no good we are up grading to a 1 horse ourselves. Make sure you get a 2 wire pump then you don't have to worry about a control box.

  4. Yes, I got your e-mail. Thanks! Work has me jumping and I'm on call this weekend. I plan on mentioning your blog on the show so people can check it out. I will probably try to put out another episode tomorrow so keep any eye out!